Friday, April 29, 2011

The Promised Ultrasound Pictures

     I didn't lie in my last post when I said I would take care of scanning ultrasound pictures during Ashley's nap. I really did scan them and touch them up and everything! I just didn't make it as far as posting them on here for all you lovely people who still read my blog. ;) So without further ado, please enjoy Baby Boy Sorensen and all of his naked baby glory. ;)

     And there you have it! I'm nervous posting this picture proving he's really a boy because he's just so *exposed* ya know? I definitely couldn't post it on facebook for the world to see so consider yourselves lucky that you get to see proof. ;) But we're very excited to be having a boy and I'm busy already trying to find a way to put a boy's and girl's room together that doesn't clash haha. Luckily one of Ashley's main colors in her room is bright green so I'm thinking bright green, navy blue, orange, and aqua. I've had no such luck finding anything already made (and let's face it, crib sets are outrageously expensive, it should be against the law to charge so much for something young couples with no money need) so I'm constantly on the lookout for fabrics that have those colors so that I can get sewing and have a cute bedding set ready for him before he gets here. :)

     And just because I haven't posted a picture of my fat self for a while now, here's my 18 week profile the day of the ultrasound. :)


Heather Burdsal said...

I'm so excited!

You should name him Heather, after yours truly. :)

Sorensen's *5 said...

I found Holden's bedding at Target on clearance for half off! You should start shopping clearance stuff because you can find some really good deals.

jessiewessie said...

When Seth and Maybe had to share a room I totally didn't match it up. I just made half the room hers and half his. You crack me you really think you'd get in trouble for posting your boys doodle from his ultrasound on facebook? =) I don't know, perhaps you would (stupid people who have to ruin everything). You look amazing and I'm jealous you got to have your ultrasound at 18 weeks and not 20. Where'd you find those shorts?

Curtiss & Ginger said...

you DO NOT look fat! You look so cute! I love that color on you! I can't believe we are so close together and both having boys- how fun! :) Good look on the bedding situation! I don't even know where to begin with all that! Thanks for your advice too!!!!