Monday, December 21, 2009

So it's been a while and a lot has happened in the last few months. I knew I would never be this diligent in keeping up with a blog so I guess I shouldn't be too disappointed. :) Ashley has started sitting up on her own, eating everything in sight, clicking her tongue, and standing at the coffee table without any help. She can't pull herself up, we have to put her there, but she'll stand there unsupported. She hasn't made any effort to crawl so we're thinking she may be one of those kids who walks before they crawl?

We never posted any pictures from Halloween so we'll stick one on here but Spencer and I went as characters from Monsters Vs. Aliens (Spencer was Bob and I was Ginormica minus the white hair since I couldn't find a white wig under $20... so sad) and then little Ashley was the cutest lobster I've ever seen!

We had a great time going around grandma and grandpa Sorensen's neighborhood with some cousins trick-or-treating. Spencer and I decided not to collect candy for her this year since she doesn't care and Spencer and I don't need the calories... :)

We missed getting pictures during Thanksgiving but it was a wonderful day to spend with the family. We had a lot of fun and stuffed ourselves silly. We even had Ashley at the table with us eating a jar of sweet potatoes so she could feel like she was feasting on Thanksgiving dinner too. :)

Not too long after Thanksgiving we took Ashley to buy her first Christmas tree. It was so fun!

Feeling the tree and all its pokyness... :)

My brother got married Dec. 12th down in the Las Vegas Temple so we did the six hour road trip down for the occasion. Ashley was such a good baby and I'm not sure I'll ever get this lucky again with a baby! We had a great time with some family we rarely see and got some great pictures out of it too. :)

While on this trip Grandpa Grimm gave Ashley her first taste of Diet Coke. As you can see her mouth is wide open and ready for it! Shortly after this pictures she stuck her tongue farther into the cup haha.

Here's the whole dang family (except David who's on a mission)! It was a fun day and we were all so excited for Alan and Alexis!