Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Catching Up!

Life has been quite insane for us the past month and our blog has suffered. Obviously. So I'll share a quick note and some pictures from Thanksgiving and you'll just have to be satisfied with that. :)
Spencer's parents were able to stop by for a few days before the week of Thanksgiving while on their way to Texas to visit Spencer's brother and his family. It was really good for Ashley to get them all to herself since she's usually fighting for attention with so many other cousins around. She finally warmed up to Jerry and I caught a cute picture of them sleeping on the couch together. :) I'm hoping when we go for Christmas she remembers this time and will still got to him and cuddle. It's so cute. :) We had a great time seeing them and going to the Bellagio to look at the fountains. It's great now that tourist season is over and it seems a little less crowded. And cooler. Last time we went it was still well over 100 degrees out!
We spent Thanksgiving at my parents' house this year in Kanarraville, UT. My aunt and uncle were there with their grandson and we were the only ones there! It was so weird to have David, Daniel and Alan all gone! I think it may have been the smallest Thanksgiving I'd experienced. :) We had such a great time though. Ashley loves her grandparents and it was a lot of fun to see her with my dad. We would get all dressed up to go play in the snow and she just wanted to follow my dad and his snow blower all around and she'd only go to him outside haha. She loved it out there even though it was in the negatives at times and would always throw a fit when it was time to go back inside. :)
We had a great week and a great time with all of our family and we can't wait for Christmas festivities and for Spencer to be done with finals! Yay! He's done on Friday and I'll feel like we're a normal family for a month before he goes back. I'm seriously going to relish this time as it will be the first time ever that we get to enjoy the holidays with no FedEx or educational time restraints dictating how much time we get to spend together. It's going to be great. :)