Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Last minute we decided to skip town and head for Cedar City! It was fun to get away and be with my family for a little bit. Alan and Alexis are living with my parents for a bit so it was cool to have them there so much. Ashley had a good time bugging the dogs and spreading toys as far around the house as she could. We lost a cow shaped puzzle piece. :( She's really good at hiding things...
I don't have any pictures from the weekend, we were too lazy to take any, but I do have a funny story from a few weeks back with lots of pictures. ;) Ashley was not eating her lunch and I didn't know what to give her so she wouldn't starve. She kept pointing to the fruit bowl where we usually have the bananas she loves but there weren't any in there. Just some old, nasty looking apples I needed to get rid of. I grabbed one and held it out to see if that's what she wanted and of course it was. Gross. I put it back and went to the fridge where I knew I still had some nectarines. I figured I'd give her one and once she figured out she couldn't eat it whole I'd finish it off for her.
All I have to say was that there wasn't anything left for me to finish! She cuddled it up against her chest and took monster bites out of it! At one point she choked on some skin which really freaked her out but then once her throat was clear she went at it again! Crazy kid... here's the pictures!
Oh yes. And here she is walking around in my shirt. She thought that was pretty cool. Weirdo. ;)