Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas and New Years... Finally!

Sorry I'm such a slacker! For whatever reason I have issues actually getting my tushy in gear to download pictures from my camera and I don't like to post until I have pictures! Well now I've got the pictures so it's time for our big long holiday post haha.
We were gone for a total of 2 and a half weeks which was just long enough I think. We didn't want to leave our families but you can only live out of a suitcase for so long ya know? That and bed/naptime routines were totally thrown off and no one in our little family was gettnig much sleep...
The week leading up to Christmas we were with my family. My birthday is on the 22nd and so this was the first time I've spent my birthday with my family in 4 years! Spencer use to work for FedEx and so we were never able to travel until Christmas Eve and so I haven't been with my family on my birthday in a while. Also because of previous  birthdays with Spencer at FedEx and being so near the Christmas rush, Spencer has not been home on my birthday for the past three years. Top that off with the fact that my dad often worked nights on my birthday for most of my life, my dad was there on my birthday in I don't know how long! :) It was a lot of fun. I did nothing. Yup. You heard me. Nothing. And it was wonderful. :) Well I did do one thing, I went and saw the new Harry Potter movie with Spencer and my little brother Daniel. It was awesome. ;)
Pictures of the happy day:

Then we had Christmas with my family as well. All my siblings were there except for David who is still on his mission. We did get to talk to him though and he sounds like a Mexican! It's so funny! Anyway, Ashley got the hang of presents more this year and she was SOOOO excited to see "bocks" (blocks) "doggies" "Buzz" "Woody" and "Mo" (Nemo) in her plethora of presents.

 By the end of the day she was thoroughly worn out and was trying to go to sleep in weird places...


 She's not actually asleep in any of these pcitures, she's giggling, however it was a somewhat hysterical giggle and so at this point we put her to bed. :)
The day after Christmas we went to Spencer's parents' house. We were able to go to the Sorensen family Christmas party that night which was great! He has a large extended family so it was great to see them all there otherwise we may not have been able to see them all during the week.
We squeezed in two cabin trips during that time and there was so much snow! We had a ton of fun and we sure miss winter cabin trips. One of the cabin trips was over New Year's Eve and we went midnight sledding! It was so much fun and I hope we get a chance to make it a tradition. :)

 These pictures are from the first cabin trip of the week. After that there was about 2 more feet of snow! It was crazy! Ya for tons of snow!!!
Ashley had a great time with her cousins and she has picked up so many words from them. She's blabbering like crazy and after a week and a half with her cousins her blabbering has become more understandable. She even looks a little more grown up (except for the baldness...). Even after coming home she constantly asks for them. The night we got home we put her to bed and she started crying: "Aly, Aly, Aly, Nathan!!!" It was so cute but at the same time so sad. She misses them a ton and I can't wait until we all live closer again so she can spend more time with them.