Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's A Boy!

     Yup, definitely a boy! I didn't need an ultrasound tech to tell me he was a boy! Let me just say, he's well endowed and proud of it haha. I'm hoping to scan all of my ultrasound pictures tomorrow and post them here for your viewing pleasure but I'm just too pooped to do it now. I'm afraid if I try my crazed brain will screw it all up and it'll take me twice as long because I'll have to do it over anyway. :) So to all those of you who voted boy, you win! Your prize is to donate to the clothing fund! ;) Just kidding haha. Speaking of clothes, we (that is to say, I) were so excited about finding out we were expecting a boy that we went and bought all of this! (Not gonna lie, the 5 pack of onesies we bought a month ago, you know, just in case, and we're glad we don't have to exchange them haha.)

     Oh, my heart just melts at the thought of our cute little boy on the way. :) Suddenly things seem much more real and I'm a little freaked out, but that's okay! Now we're busing thinking up manly names like Thor, Engine Block, and Sport. Haha, just kidding. We want a manly name but maybe not that manly... :)


Tara Wengert Hendriksen said...

Congrats!! I must say, even though I'm biased, little boys are soo FUN!! I'm so excited for you guys! Yay!

Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

Yay boys are so fun and such little gentlemen.
Enjoy all there cuteness! you're so lucky you have one each now!