Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Closet!

    Now I know I promised ultrasound pictures next but I haven't had the time to scan them in just yet (I'm hoping to knock that off my to-do list during this lovely 3 hour block of time while Ashley's napping!) but I was just so excited about my closet being finished that I had to post the pictures! Keep in mind it's not much because I've got such a small space and no money for a closet system that I'll have to rip out and patch up holes in when we move or else keep here (which I wouldn't be willing to do anyway). And I know the closet isn't small, but my house in general is small which is why non-closet items are stored there. In reality I'm lucky to have this big of a closet and I'm so grateful for it! Now, for the before pictures click here. And here are the afters!

     Like I said, it's not beautiful because I have to have non-closet items in there but I think it's a massive improvement from what it was! I think this would be a lot more dramatic if you had all seen this transformation in person but just know that I am so happy with my newly re-organized closet (and I'm quite happy that I finally had the chance to spray for roaches in there too... makes me feel better about reaching into the corners for those shoes I haven't worn for a while haha). Ashley's closet is almost done, though I've got some big items I need to sell to get them out of the way and then I'm pretty much done! And I promise, ultrasound pictures to come very soon. :)

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