Monday, August 8, 2011

Home Again!

     We're finally home! It's been quite the whirlwind of a summer with no signs of slowing down. Spencer finished his first clinical rotation in Cedar City, UT and he loved it! We stayed with my parents so that we could keep our apartment in Henderson without having to pay a second monthly rent somewhere else. My mom and I spent a little bit of time sewing up baby bedding for Baby Boy on the way (though we were not able to finish everything because of the insane business) and I was able to start putting up what I had yesterday after church (more pictures to follow when it's more complete). Ashley is a little wierded out that her bed is being changed but I had to remind her that it's not her bed anymore, she has a big girl bed just for her (which, by the way, she is still sleeping in fabulously).
     And here I am now at 33 weeks. My skirt was a little tight around my stomach (it has a tight panel around the middle) so it sucked me in a little and my shirt is a little billowy so you can't tell, but I've grown a ton! I compared myself last night to pictures of when I was pregnant with Ashley and I'm as big now as I was with Ashley at 37+ weeks. I may be in trouble. We'll see. ;) I've got an insane amount of chronic back pain and I've had it for the last month or so already. Spencer, bless his heart, has been giving me many a back/neck rub and working his physical therapy magic on me to relieve some of that pain. What a sweet man!
     Among all the other crazy things that went on while we were gone, Ashley and I drove with my parents up to Provo on July 27th to take my youngest brother to the MTC! He's going to the Atlanta North Georgia mission and we're all so excited for him. Ashley got to bond with Daniel for about a month before he left which was so good. We drove with my parents and Daniel so Ashley had the car ride with him as well and on the way home from the MTC she kept asking where her Uncle Danny was. It was so sad! My mom cried haha.
     A week later we were able to welcome home my other little brother from his mission in Mexico! Ashley had not seen him since she was about 3 months old so of course she didn't recognize him very well. We've showed her lots of pictures of him but the boy looks so different now I think it took her a bit to figure out who he was! If possible, David grew even taller and skinnier while he was away. :) It was so good to see him and I'm SO glad we were able to be at the airport to pick him up!

Waiting for David to walk through!
And there he is!!!

     We've had a great summer so far and I'm excited to download the rest of my pictures and share our adventures with the Sorensen side of the family!


Curtiss & Ginger said...

Can't wait to see the bedding you made him! :) I can't believe how FAST this summer has flown by! It's making me so nervous! :) Sounds like you guys have had a busy, fun and productive summer! Just a few more weeks and we will both have lil guys in our arms :) SO exciting :)

HeatherLynn said...

Oh my word!!!! David is SO TALLLLL!!!! Dang!! I can't wait until he and William are able to meet up again and talk about their missions- I know William misses David alot! It must have been so fun to see your brother again and probably a bit bittersweet to see the next one go. It's so fun to see how you and your cute family are doing! :) I hope the second pregnancy is going great for you and that you are feeling happy and well!! :)