Monday, June 7, 2010

We Moved!

Well we finally did it! Spencer and I both graduated from BYU in April and since then we've been very busy. On May 1st I ran a half marathon, moved out of our Wymount apartment, and we went to a Real Salt Lake soccer game which was a blast! And the month did not slow down after that. We then moved in with my parents down in Kannarraville, UT and left Ashley there while we took several day trips down to Las Vegas to look for housing. After two weeks with my parents and frantic apartment searching we settled into a place in Henderson. We love it here and it's almost twice as big as our last apartment! Best of all, no more laundromat!!!! :D (I promise to post pictures of our cute little condo soon!). After settling in we took a quick trip back up to Kannarraville where my little brother Daniel graduated from high school, got sworn into the National Guard, and had his 18th birthday. It was a fun trip even though it was fast.

We're finally back home and Spencer has started into his first semester and the University Nevada Las Vegas! On the first day of class he began the dissection of a 90-year-old female cadaver. Having worked with cadavers before this wasn't a huge deal however cadavers smell much worse while dissecting them than they do when you're studying an already dissected cadaver. Perhaps this is why all of the students get together at the end of the semester and burn their scrubs... the smell never comes out! He's enjoying being in class and getting to know the other kids in his program. Interesting side note on his class: there are 15 boys and 15 girls. All but about 3 of the boys are LDS and married. We don't think any of the girls are LDS and only 1 or 2 are married. Interesting numbers, yeah?

Ashley has finally adapted to the change and recognizes this as home. She didn't sleep well for a while but now she's sleeping through the night again, a huge relief for mom and dad. :) She misses her cousins and can't wait to play with them again. In our last post we mentioned that Ashley never showed signs of wanting to crawl... boy did she change that! She's now everywhere and into everything! She's pulling herself up on just about anything and getting ready to walk. The other day we stood her at the edge of the pool so she could jump to us. Spencer let go of her hands and she stood for a good 10 seconds! She had a look on her face like, "holy cow I'm standing!" and then she promptly fell in and has not attempted to stand that long on her own since. :) She's got a ton of energy and keeps herself very busy.

As for me, I'm getting use to being a stay-at-home mom. Ever since Ashley was born I've had class, homework, and coaching but now that I've graduated and Spencer is in school full time I don't have any of that anymore. It's super weird and sometimes a little depressing but I'm adjusting to the schedule and as weird as this sounds, I'm adjusting to having free time during Ashley's naps. I've taking advantage of them by keeping up my workout routines at home and reading every book in the house. :) I tease Spencer that I need another kid to keep me busier. I'm sure once that really happens I'll wish I had only one again haha.

We're loving our new place and hope that anyone and everyone stops by on their way through!

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