Monday, June 21, 2010

Our new place!

So I didn't realize while I was adding these images that they were all in the opposite order that I wanted them to be and I'm too tired and too lazy to change it haha. I finally got our house clean enough throughout the whole thing to take pictures of it and feel comfortable with everyone looking at them. :) I'm a little self conscious about things like that but here they are! The pictures I've promised!

Like I said, the order of the pictures is super awkward but whatever! This is our bathroom and I know most of you are thinking, "Seriously? They posted a picture of their bathroom?" But if you have ever stayed the night at my house, or even if you have ever visited and had to use my bathroom, you know how excited I am to have a real bathroom! With a counter and linen closet and everything! And guess what? Shley has her own bathroom of the same size! *gasp!* I know, I'm so happy for me too.

The following are pictures of my lovely bedroom, complete with two walk-in closets! Fortunately for us, it's pretty popular in Nevada to build homes/apartments/condos with large walk-in closets. Our bigger closet is full of our clothes (yes, Spencer can fit all his in with mine) and our smaller closet is used for storage which is also something that our other places or residence were lacking. Storage space. We love it!

This is Ashley's bathroom! It's so stinking cute and I have to thank my mother for the adorable wall stickers that make her bathroom so cute. You can't see them well here, but there's a bunch of stickers on the wall of sea animals and stuff. Awesome!

Here's Ashley's room. It's pretty dang cute if I do say so myself. You can even see Shley's cute little bald head in a lot of these shots. :) Ashley also has a large walk-in closet and a door to the bathroom which we've blocked with a twin bed for whichever grandma happens to be visiting at the time. It's a big room for Ashley and I'm so happy she can finally play in her room without me worrying she'll hurt herself. (Ashley's last room was small and was filled with storage bins. The poor thing could hardly go in there.)

Here's our kitchen and office space. In the kitchen is another door to a laundry room! This is another thing I've been dying to have again, especially since having a baby. We were without a washer and dryer for the last year and a half and it has really irritated me. Hooray for laundry rooms!

The dining room and the door to our bedroom...

My super sweet living room complete with super sweet baby...

And yes that is a new couch and a bean bag! This is also the first place we've lived where we weren't in constant fear of putting nail-holes in the wall. We were threatened with our safety deposit in our previous apartments so it's so nice to have lots of pictures up everywhere!

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures. We love our new place and couldn't be happier! Now that you've seen it and seen that it's much easier to spend the night at our house than the last few places we've lived you should come visit us! Right now!


Steve and Larae said...

Fun. I love Ashley's room too! I didn't know you had a blog! I LOVE blogs! Ours is

Tara Wengert Hendriksen said...

Wow!!!! What a cute place you guys have!!! It's awesome! Now we def need to come visit!! :)

Sorensen's *5 said...

Love it! I had no idea you guys even had a blog!! We miss you guys so much. The night we had the retirement party, Cole kept asking where you guys were and when you were coming! It was so sad!!