Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ashley's Fat Lip

So Ashley has this horrible habit of playing at the computer while one of us is using it (she's wreaking havoc as I speak) and we're always trying to drag her away from it. She can reach the keyboard while we're typing (if there's spelling/grammatical errors I don't catch it's because of her haha) and she loves to open the CD drive. Anyway, so she's playing around the computer on Thursday and I keep grabbing her and sitting her down, hoping she'll get tired of having to climb back up and about the fourth time, she climbs to her feet and then her hand slips and she hits her poor little face right on the leg of my folding chair. It was so sad! And of course she cried and she cried and it was so dramatic. :) I was a little upset and in an I-told-you-so mood until I saw the blood. :( Her little mouth was bleeding all over the place! She'd bit her bottom lip wide open with her brand new top teeth. So I ran to the bathroom and got a cold washcloth to hold to her face and we sat on the couch to watch cartoons while she calmed down. Thankfully I didn't have to take her to the doctor (let's face it, I have no idea where to take her anyways, it got me thinking I should work on that...) but the poor little thing has got a HUGE lip! By today the swelling had gone down quite a bit and now you can't even tell she did anything. As you can see she resumed her happy face when the trauma was over. :)
We had to change clothes because of the blood but then we headed to the park to play on the swings and to blow some bubbles! Unfortunately it's so stinking hot in the afternoon that our park adventure lasted all of about 15 minutes before red-faced and sweaty we had to head back inside. I got some cute pictures out of it though!

The other day I walked into Ashley's room and she was trying to cut her toenails haha. Good thing they were safety clippers and she couldn't have cut herself. :)

And did I mention that she likes to play inside her toy boxes???

At the pool with mom and dad, I figured I'd put a picture of dad in since he's not in here much. ;)

Ashley does this funny monkey walk on Sundays when she's wearing a dress. It's absolutely hilarious and thought you would all enjoy it! ;) I'll try to get better pictures of it next week. :)


Steve and Larae said...

Oh my goodness...The picture of Ashley "cutting" her toenails is SO CUTE! I love it! She's changed so much already! I hope we can come visit sometime soon!!

mary said...

I like the shirt she's wearing in the fat lip pic ;) ryan said she must have bled on it because it was meant to be red. She's so stinkin' cute. Miss you guys.

Heather Burdsal said...

Haha, cartoons fix everything! She really is your daughter!

Spencer and Sara said...

If you look close, Mary, you'll see it's blue blood. Not Utes in my house! ;)