Thursday, October 22, 2009

So I realized that I haven't updated in about three weeks but in my defense it's been a loaded three weeks! Spencer and I are always flying by the seat of our pants which sounds kind of exciting but really, it's stressful. :) I'm always off at school, or teaching, or coaching, or going to swim meets and Spencer is really busy working, going to school, and applying for PT school. Some of those applications are pretty nasty. I do not envy him.

So, onto the Ashley update. She's as cute as ever and has been rolling over for about three weeks now. The only problem is she can only roll from her back to her stomach and not from her stomach to her back. This is a constant issue since she doesn't like spending too much time on her stomach and then cries and cries until we flip her back over. We try to help her do it herself but she's so distraught that things haven't sunk in yet. On a lighter note, she's started eating cereal a couple of times a day after her bottle and she thinks it's great fun. I open my mouth real big and make chewing noises and she thinks it's hilarious and will mimic me when I stick the spoon in her mouth. I'm so happy she loves to eat like a big girl and it's not a fight... yet. ;)

We've also had some crazy stomach bug flying around our house that Ashley and I have been passing back and forth. It has NOT been fun. I've always hated barf and was worried how I would take care of sick kids and let me tell you, I hate it! It's so gross and I almost always feel sick too. I guess that's something I'll just have to get used to. After I was infected, then Ashley, then me again, then Ashley again, I think we're finally in the clear! Spencer lucked out on this round. :)

We're all excited because Crowsh is finally getting married tomorrow and we're exited for her and for spending time with all the family that's coming into town. We'll be sure to take lots of pictures of the little monster while there so everyone can see her cute side. ;)

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