Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Normally I have a class on Tuesdays and Thursdays that I can't have Ashley in and so she goes to Laura's house for the morning while Spencer and I were in class. Last Thursday, however, I did not have my cycling class and so I decided to not take her to Laura's house and just bring her to class with me instead. I am so glad I did!

I have this old professor that is a great teacher and just loves his students. I had him for a weight training techniques class last semester while I was pregnant with Ashley and he was very impressed that I was still lifting weights and doing power cleans at almost 8 months pregnant. :) Anyways, in the middle of class he starts asking me about Ashley. He asked if I wanted her to go to college and I said yes. He then walks to the back of the class where I'm standing with Ashley, pulls out a $100 bill and says "Put that in her college fund and when she's older tell her it's from me." I couldn't believe it! It was amazing! Turns out he's a multimillionaire and can afford to do stuff like that haha.

This last weekend we also went up to Park City. I had to go on a trip with the high school swim team where I'm the assistant coach. I'm so proud of myself for driving through the canyon by myself! The canyon is beautiful right now and I'm hoping to go through it again before the weather gets bad and take some pictures. Spencer came up Friday night to stay with Ashley and I because as of yet we have never spent a night apart from each other. I was happy he decided to come up even though he had to leave early the next morning to be to work Saturday morning.

Life is crazy but somehow we're surviving and even though some days I'm so busy I can't even make it to the shower, it's mostly good stuff so I shouldn't complain too much right? :)


TJ Hendriksen said...

$100?!?! Nice!! Can you take me to your next class and let's see if he gives me $100?

Curtiss & Ginger said...

LUCKY!!!!! thats awesome!! what a nice man!!