Monday, March 28, 2011

Ultrasound Scheduled!

          Alright! My ultrasound is scheduled! April 26th at 4:30 is the big day! I'm hoping that it's late enough in the day that Spencer can be there. Generally he gets out early enough that he should, so please cross your fingers that this day is not an exception!
          While we wait just under 1 more month to find out, please feel free to cast your gender vote on the poll located on the left side of our blog!


Tara Wengert Hendriksen said...

So exciting!!!

Seth and Brittney said...

that is so fun... I got so anxious to find out with our second just because you start to wonder what your family dynamics are going to be, you know?!
One word of advice: get someone as a back-up to go with you to the ultrasound if you plan to take Ashley and your husband can't make it. Shaely was ALL OVER the place during the ultrasound (trying to pull at cords and push buttons) and I was really grateful Seth was there to occupy her since I really needed to lie still on the table. Just thought that might be a good thing to plan for :)

Curtiss & Ginger said...

we are only 7 days ahead of you! yay!!! so exciting! :)