Sunday, March 20, 2011

Laying Eggs

So I've been feeling kind of miserable for myself during this pregnancy and I have a few theories as to why. But before I mope here's a picture of me that I edited my wonderful acne out of. Oh how I love photoshop. ;)

I like to think that my belly sticking out is all baby. But in reality I think it's the leftover fat from Ashley that I had yet to lose poking out over the top of my growing uterus. Sounds gross. And it is haha. I haven't gained any weight yet and I'm content to (as long as it is safe) keep it that way for another month or two. I'm not trying to not gain weight, but I haven't gone crazy upon ditching my diet either haha.

Anyway, my theories... this pregnancy, though normal, has been sooo different from my pregnancy with Ashley! I got sick earlier (early enough that I had to suffer through several weeks of morning sickness before being able to see a doctor to get some medication, I know, I'm a baby), I've been sick longer (though it is easing up finally), I can't go (if you know what I mean, and it is miserable!), and I can't sleep anymore (insomnia maybe?). And this biggest thing is that I'm home all day. No more school and work to distract me and force me to get out of bed and dress myself before 10 AM and have a productive day. I didn't realize how depressing that would be until all that went away and I had the luxury (ha) of being pregnant without all that. I'm in the biggest lazy rut of my life and I don't know how to get out of it! Help! :)

As I was thinking about all of this today I found myself wishing that humans could lay eggs. I know that sounds bizarre but think about how awesome that would be. No more 50 pound pack-ons, no more stretch marks, no more morning sickness or constipation, no episiotomies  haha, I'd even be willing to sit on my egg to keep it warm. But alas, that is very understandably not a part of the plan so in the mean time I'll try to be content with making a baby the traditional way. ;)

On a happier note we had a really fun, yet busy week over spring break! Mom, dad, and Daniel came on Monday and Tuesday, and Alan and Alexis showed up to hang out on Saturday so I was able to see all of my family but Elder Grimm. It was fun! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy of our week!

 Daniel and Spencer doing a polar bear swim at 10 o'clock at night... crazies!

 At the M&M store on the Strip.

 At the children's discovery museum here in Las Vegas.

 Watching a movie in her old carseat that she drug out from her room. Silly girl... :)

 Ashley wanted to make sure Dolly came to the park with us...

 At the park, sunglasses and all!


Curtiss & Ginger said...

I love that we are so close together in our pregnancy!! yay! It will be fun to find out what we are both having! :) Such fun pics of Ashley! :)

Heather Burdsal said...

I think that if people laid eggs, we would just pop those suckers into an incubator and go on with our lives until they hatched, haha.