Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

     Well obviously since it's Sunday we didn't go out Trick-or-Treating tonight but we had plenty of opportunity to go out all dressed up this week! On Wednesday night we had our tri-ward Trunk-or-Treat which was a lot of fun. Spencer and I got all dressed up as 80s rock stars (we were amazing) and Ashley was a cute little ladybug. I'm quite proud of Ashley's costume because I made it myself, even the wings! And I was proud of the skirt and leggings I made for my costume. I love this extra time on my hands that I didn't have while in school so that I can make fun things for my family. :) Anyway, back to the trunk-or-treat, Ashley had a great time collecting candy and while we never got her to say "trick-or-treat," we did get her to say "thank you" quite a few times which makes us look better as parents anyway haha. She wasn't scared of anything. There was a trunk that had a sheet over it and someone was sticking their hand out to give kids candy. Their hand and arm were painted to look all dead and nasty. A lot of the little kids were backing away and wouldn't go there but Ashley marched right up and took the candy piece by piece out of the nasty hand and even had the courage to say "thank you" when she was done haha. What a brave little ladybug!

     Thursday I went back to the pumpkin patch with Ashley and a few friends where I snapped some cute pictures!

     A lot of these pictures are just funny but this last vertical one of Ashley was pretty wall-hanging worthy haha. She's a doll.
     On Friday we were invited to a party at one of Spencer's classmates house and so we got all dressed up again for the occasion. Ashley won Most Adorable Costume (which I admit I do take some credit for although it was Ashley who really made it most adorable haha). I actually had time to curl my hair for the occasion and had more time for make up which made my costume that much more rad. ;) These pictures are the BEST and you'll see why hahahahahaha!

 I know you were just dying to see my ridiculously awesome make up that I would wear every day if it were appropriate and if I had the time... and my awesome hair. For some reason people always ask me if it's real or a wig when it's this curly haha. Just for the record, IT'S REAL! ;)
 This picture definitely takes the cake! Spencer wishes he weren't wearing his glasses but oh well. I think it's the best ever. I just might frame it. Rock on!

     So, it being the Sabbath and all we did not go out tonight but rather, Spencer and I enjoyed watching Hocus Pocus and drinking hot apple cider after Ashley went to bed. It was almost perfect... I say almost because our air conditioner kept clicking on (and it's set at 80 degrees...) which means it is utterly too warm for the last day in October. And next week it only gets warmer. Someday it will feel like fall. Maybe by Christmas. ;) Happy Halloween!


Heather Burdsal said...

You guys are so rad. I love the picture where Ashley is mimicking Spenny's scream face.

Sara, you did such a great job on the costumes! You crafty lady, you!

Steve and Larae said...

FUN!! I gotta say, I LOVE that picture of Spence and Ashley too! It's so funny! I'm so happy that you guys are doing well! Miss ya lots!!

Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

So lucky that you're in a warmer climate. It rained snow here on Saturday (Halloween in Utah) so we trick or treated at Harmons until it stopped. I love your hair and makeup, so classic! you're so lucky you can do that with your hair. And your little one with her rock on face by her daddy is a crack up, so cute!

Sorensens said...

You Sorensen's ROCK!! I love it. Give that beautiful Ashley some love from us in Texas.

Ashley said...

I love Ashley's costume-sooo cute! You all look awesome! Hope you are enjoying the nice weather in Vegas!