Friday, August 20, 2010

The end is near...

Okay so when I said the end I didn't mean THE end. Just the end of my life with Spencer at home haha. On Monday he goes back to school full-time and quite frankly I'm not sure how Ashley and I are going to handle it. I'm pretty sure she gets sick of me and that can only get worse, and I know I get sick of being couped up all day. I can't wait for the weather to cool down so we can play outside. I'm sure that will help.

We visited Spencer's family for a little while while we had this two week break and it was so much fun. We went to the cabin, of course, Thanksgiving Point gardens, Yuba Lake, and various local pools with all the cousins. Ashley tried to keep up with her cousins all week long and in the end she was one tired girl! At one point her cousin Nathan asked me, "How come she can't move faster? When will she learn how to run?" I laughed my head off because they were just dying for her to move faster so that she could keep up with all of the things they wanted to do. :) They love her tons and she loves them. It was sad to watch her say goodbye to her cousins because none of them are really old enough to understand that they are saying goodbye for a few months, not just until tomorrow.

At another point, one of Ashley's other cousins, Teanna, told me (with a very concerned look on her face): "Why doesn't Ashley have a little brother? She NEEDS a little brother..." Spencer and I just looked at each other. How do you respond to a question like that to a 4-year-old? :)

Anyways, it was an amazing week and we wish we could be closer. We miss everyone like crazy but it was good to see them all again. Here's some pictures to show off what a fun time we had!

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