Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to school, back to school, to show everyone that he's not a fool...

      Haha Spencer says that a lot and since he did indeed go back to school on Monday I thought I'd post the title in honor of him. :) That being said, Ashley and I have been trying to jam pack our days so they don't seem so long without daddy home. On Tuesday we went to PetSmart to buy our new goldfish an air pump. We're pretty sure they were starting to die due to deoxygenated water. Weird huh? Then to Michael's to pass the time, then to the grocery story, all before the morning nap. Ashley screamed a lot at the grocery store and for some reason a lot of people stopped to tell me it was cute. Cute? Are you kidding me? My child is screaming while I'm trying to focus and get out of there as quick as possible and all you can think to tell me is that it's cute? You could have offered to buy her at least! Then you can deal with screaming child!
      After the nap daddy came home about an hour earlier than we expected which was nice because I had my 2nd doctor's appointment with the endocrinologist (which is a whole other story in and of itself, but just so you know, they're redoing the thyroid tests and running even more with it, not sure what's wrong yet).
      Wednesday my visiting teacher came over (sanity!), Ashley ate the burnt wick off the end of a candle, broke a Scentsy warmer, and colored on the carpet and entertainment center. Thank heavens for washable crayons! As soon as Spencer got home I left to be alone for a bit which was nice. :)
      And today (which is what I was really wanted to get to) I decided to take Ashley to Target to buy a new book and to buy some new sandals  for her chubby little feet. The tops of her feet are so fat that they don't fit into most shoes her size. Aunt Larua loaned her a pair of her little girl's Nikes for the winter but seeing as it doesn't get cold here until at least November, I figured another pair of sandals that doesn't have little cute chubby feet squeezing out the top wouldn't hurt.
      So there we were, standing the isle of little girls' shoes with Ashley in the cart so I could try shoes on her without her escaping (which she is way too good at). I put on a cute pair of gold sandals which she thought were pretty cool. Please observe said shoes:

      Then I pulled one off and tried another one on. She got really mad at me and pointed back at the gold shoe so I took of the other one to put the gold shoe back on. A few minutes later I found another cute shoe for her and same thing. She got really mad that I put a different shoe on her and kept pointing at the gold shoe. The gold shoes won. I stopped looking and headed for the register. I can't believe my child is already picking out her shoes with such intensity at 15 months! I'm headed for trouble. :) As it turned out, I won too though because unbeknownst to me these cute gold sandals were on clearance for $3.74. Sometimes, I like little happy surprises, like things on clearance that have no clearance sticker...


Kristin Jensen said...

Dude, Ashley is already a bargain shopper! She secretly knew those shoes were on sale. That's why she was so insistent. :)

Heather Burdsal said...

Hahaha! That's so fantastic. Y'all are going to have so much fun shopping together when she gets older.

Also, random, I saw Kenzie yesterday. She was crossing a street while I was stopped at the light. So in case you were wondering, she's actually alive.